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Every team is scheduled to work in the concession stand for 1 shift during the year. Most shifts are 4 hours in length and may be covered however you want. There must be 3 volunteers in the concession stand at all times during your shift. You may have 3 volunteers working four hour shifts or 6 volunteers working 2 hour shifts or any variation that satisfies your night. A team that does not cover the assigned shift will be penalized with a loss on the teams next victory. Please may sure you are covered.

Thanks for your support!

FY Baseball


Concession Duty March 2017
13 14 16 17 18
White Sox-MN Yankees-MN Red Sox-MN Royals-Mn Rays-MN
Rehorn Champion Lavelle Ennis Johnson 2-5:30pm
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm Mets-MN
Chandler 5:30-9pm
20 21 23 24 25
Cardinals-MN Dodgers-MN Cubs-MN SPRING BREAK
Miles Haddock Stephens
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
April 2017
3 4 6 7 8
Pirates-MN Blue Jays-MN Marlins-MN Nationals-TB Pirates-PN
Martin Leggett Cain Bramblett Barfield 8:30-1:00pm
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm Rangers-PN
Delafosse 1:00-5:30pm
10 11 13 14 15
Rays-TB Giants-TB Royals-TB
Bosarge Reibow Folds GOOD  EASTER
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm FRIDAY WEEKEND
17 18 20 21 22
Cardinals-TB Mariners-PN Rangers-TB Mets-PN Cubs-PN
Tucker McCall Whiteside Hester Bradley 8:30-1:00pm
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm Marlins-PN
Howell 1:00-5:30pm
24 25 27 28 29
Red Sox-PN Dodgers-PN Royals-PN Braves-PN Dodgers-TB
Calametti Sasser Rezner Myrick Ray 8:30-11:30am
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm A's-TB
Huckabay 11:30-3:00pm
May 2017
1 2 4 5 6
Astros-PN Blue Jays-PN Angels-PN Cubs-OZ Phillies-TB
Parks Robinson Wilcoxon Moore Roach 8:30-11:30am
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm Tigers-TB
Terry 11:30-3:00pm
8 9 11 12 13
Yankees-OZ Pirates-OZ Red Sox-OZ Indians-OZ Braves-TB
Malone Callahan Morris Gunther Henderly 8:30-1:00pm
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm Red Sox-TB
Partin 1:00pm-5:30pm
15 16 18 19 20
Blue Jays-OZ FHS Royals-OZ Rangers-OZ Cubs-TB
Sparks Graduation Pitts Creel Prentice 8:30-1:00pm
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm Yankees-TB
Ennis 1:00-5:30pm
22 23 25
Dodgers-OZ Mets-OZ Cardinals-OZ
Broadhead Loftis Murphy
5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm